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variational bayesian inference for network modularity

vbmod is software for identifying modules in networks (e.g. "community detection"), as described in "a bayesian approach to network modularity". source code for vbmod is is available both in MATLAB via the sourceforge page or in python via Dr. Hofman's github page.

this software is free for scientific use. please contact us if you plan to use this software for commercial purposes. do not further distribute without prior permission of the authors. if used in your scientific work, please cite as:

Jake M. Hofman and Chris H. Wiggins, "A Bayesian Approach to Network Modularity", Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 258701 (2008)

please forward links to related publications so we can learn about your research.

some screenshots of vbmod:

vbmod: adjacency matrix for sample network
vbmod: Qtrue, Qvb, complexity control, learning curve

this work was funded by the national institutes of health under grant #PN2EY016586-04


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